Special Projects

Special projects are developed by the specific request of a client. The project can be the creation of an additional module for an Autaza product or even the development of a brand new product. The technology must reach the level of maturity that the customer defines, such as a concept, prototype, or even an in-line system.



The system will be built under customer customization, from line requirements to interface design.

Close Follow-up

During the entire development, the Autaza team delivers follow-up reports to the client.

Specific Objective

The product will be developed to solve the customer’s specific objective.

Specialized Team

Autaza has professionals specialized in AI and computer vision technology.

3D Scanner

Autaza Hybrid is a 3D scanner with complete optical system, developed for inspection and quality control in various industries. It is capable of identifying distortions and dents in automotive bodies and aircraft fuselages. The Autaza Hybrid consists of a head with advanced technology for rebuilding the inspected part with high precision and intelligent software for intelligent quality reporting. The scanner recreates the 3D surface in a virtual environment of the computer.

Glass Bottle Inspection

The glass bottle inspection module has been designed specifically for the demand of inspection of breaks and cracks in the base of glass bottles. The system consists of an inspection cell with an advanced technology camera for high-speed glass inspection with high accuracy, special lighting, and intelligent software for generating intelligent quality reports.

Airplane Inspection By Drone

Autaza Aero is an aircraft inspection system using drones designed to operate under pilot control or automatically according to the flight plan that was created in the simulation environment, inspecting visual defects and identifying features. The acquired images are processed using artificial intelligence. Inspection results will be available for the review of human inspectors that can mark any other defect.

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