Autaza Surface is a software for the evaluation of virtual mesh surface quality. It utilizes advanced computational techniques and artificial intelligence to predict appearance defects before the final design of the part and before the production of the stamping tool.

Defects identified


Autaza Surface increases the efficiency of the process of designing a new part and designing a new stamping tool, because the solution uses multi-physical computer simulation to predict appearance defects and anticipate defects to be corrected early in the design phase. Defects will be found, always with the same criteria, avoiding waste and unnecessary rework, bringing reproducibility and cost reduction.
Savings generated
Savings by reducing rework and eliminating waste.
Software application

Analysis before the production of the stamping tool.

Objective inspection
The evaluation follows a unique and intelligent mathematical standard.
Efficiency gain
Increased efficiency and reduced inspection time.

How it works

Simulation Software

Autaza Surface fully identifies potential defects in a virtual simulation environment and utilizes automatic integration with PAM-STAMP® that simulate the stamping process and the Virtual Environment that projects 3D light patterns using the most advanced virtual reality mechanisms in partnership with ESI Group and NVIDIA®.

2D and 3D Analysis

Autaza Surface uses 2D and 3D technologies to identify and classify surface defects. For example, the 3D curvature creates a color map of the part’s curvatures. When this color map shows areas with irregular curvatures, a 2D analysis can show whether this irregularity is a perceived defect by humans.

Detect Defection

Autaza Surface can detect several types of surface defects in virtual parts. You can see below some examples using the 2D and 3D colormap analysis.

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