CIR - Robotic Inspection Center

Located in the São José dos Campos Technological Park, the CIR (Robotic Inspection Center) is a 130m² space to carry out services, development and experimentation with the demands of Autaza and its partners. With a focus on innovation in quality inspection in the industry, the objective is to allow an experience similar to products installed in the production line of large industries. The space consists of 3 areas:
  1. Robotic inspection cell – Area with 2 industrial robots, Autaza Paint heads, high performance computers and automation system. Following the standards in NR12 with sensors, grids and security systems for visitors and employees.
  2. Optical Instruments Room – Isolated space to store, handle and maintain cameras, lenses, filters of Autaza’s computer vision systems.
  3. Work space – Free area for employees and visitors to pass, containing tables, work benches, tool cabinets, 3D printer and others.

Painting Inspection Cell

The painting inspection cell installed at the CIR contains the same technology found in the production line of the major automakers. Industrial robots, security systems, communication via PLC, RFID, industrial skid with linear movement are some of the components that can be found in space. The cell is able to inspect complete car bodies using the Autaza Paint inspection system.

The product already approved and in use by automakers in Brazil uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect paint defects in metallic and plastic parts. The system remains robust even with variations in external lighting, vibration and color of the piece under analysis. Bringing gains in repeatability, reproducibility, elimination of subjectivity from the process and savings of up to 60% of rework costs.




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