Autaza Paint is an optical quality inspection system for painting, used in quality control in various industries. It is able to identify appearance defects in plastic, metal, and various composite materials.

Defects identified
Orange Peel
(and others)


Autaza Paint increases production efficiency because the repairer does not need to waste time looking for defects. All defects will be found, always with the same criteria, avoiding losses and rework by non-standard inspections. The system can be customized, according to the customer’s quality criteria, even defining which actions must be taken in the productive system when a defect is found.
Savings generated
Savings by reducing rework and eliminating waste.
Inline application
Suitable for inline inspection using industrial robot.
Objective inspection
The evaluation follows a unique and intelligent mathematical standard.
Efficiency gain
Increased efficiency and reduced inspection time.

How it works

Head of Measurement

The hardware is an optical system, which uses stripe reflectometry technology to highlight defects. The Autaza Paint measurement head has a monitor with high brightness, frequency and resolution, and a high-resolution industrial camera. The rugged composition means that the system does not need external light and can work in environments with ambient lighting up to 700 lumens. The components have a specific position and angulation to acquire the images. For each inspected area, 4 pictures are taken by translating the white stripes, thus ensuring that the area is completely inspected.

Defect Detection

Autaza Paint can detect several types of Paint defects in varnished painted parts. You can see below some examples of dirt and Orange peel. 


The system has intelligent software that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify and classify paint defects. The system is calibrated according to the client’s quality criteria and can have a binary response (defect and non-defect) or up to 3 levels of severity of defects (low, medium, and severe). In addition to the system saving the inspection information in a database, reports are sent to monitors where brokers must locate the correction area.


The number of robots with Autaza Paint heads installed in an inspection cell is determined by the cycle time of the production line. The system is already prepared to work with any brand of robot that supports the payload, degrees of freedom, and reach requirements. Below you can see an example of 2 robots working simultaneously.

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