Intelligent Quality Control

Autaza is an expert in solutions for industrial quality control through proprietary and patented technologies involving computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The company develops software and equipment for the inspection of products, customized according to the quality criteria of different industries. The system eliminates subjectivity in identifying and classifying defects, reducing cost, and ensuring the quality of the final product.

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Inventors of the Zebra Analysis

This is an AUTAZA arm working on a car

The Zebra Analysis is the method that uses a set of lights with geometric patterns (such as zebra stripes) transmitted over a part. A dedicated system for automatic inspection captures images of the part with the projected lighting. The defects detection is performed automatically by analyzing the distortions caused in zebra pattern.

Patent: US20190287237A1

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inspections with smart mathematical standard
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Robot Inspection Center

Space for innovation in industrial quality inspection, the center allows an experience of products installed in production line of large industries.