Intelligent Quality Control

Great transformations in manufacturing have been made around the world through industry 4.0 concepts. In this new era, production systems must be connected and generating data in real-time for process improvement.

Despite advances in technology, industrial quality inspection is still performed visually by a subjective process.

Autaza offers complete solutions to integrate the steps of automating quality inspection, improving reliability and reproducibility through computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies.


Our Technology

Quality Inspection

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

This is an AUTAZA arm working on a car

Zebra Analysis Inventors

The Zebra Analysis is the method that uses a set of lights with geometric patterns (such as zebra stripes) transmitted over a part. A dedicated system for automatic inspection captures images of the part with the projected lighting. The defects detection is performed automatically by analyzing the distortions caused in zebra pattern. Patent: US20190287237A1

Our Solutions

Robot Inspection Center

Space for innovation in industrial quality inspection, the center allows an experience of products installed in production line of large industries.